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Why you must rent a boat while in Greece

Why is the Aegean Sea the perfect place for sailing in Greece? Because light and steady changes in temperature, combined with stable and expectable changes in winds, proximity to islands, lack of tides and currents, clear waters and numerous unexplored bays, charming islands, fishing, diving and water sports, without a doubt, are the ideal prerequisites for a dream holiday on the water.

Popular destinations for sailing experiences in the Aegean

There are few places in the world that bring together all these characteristics.


To start your sailing trip, one of the most current starting points is Athens. There are several marinas that offer bigger services, such as the marina of Zea, the Athens Marina and the port of Flisvos - able to accommodate large yachts - or the marina of Alimos - which is the base for most charter yachts. On the east side, on the port of Lavrion we have the Olympic Marine, which has the privilege of the many amenities for sailing. Boat rental is very common and the choice is vast in sailboats with or without squad, big or small. Kea, Kythnos.

Serifos, Syros

If you start your boat trip with one of the marinas of Athens, from the east coast, you will come up against some islands that challenge you to discover them with your sailboat: the island of Tzia (Kea), Kythnos, Serifos and further east of the island of Syros, the capital of the Cyclades which is a central base of the sailboat rental firms

The Island of Tino

It is then possible to rent a sailboat on an island in the heart of the Cyclades and start the tour from there Tinos, Mykonos, Andros.It will however be necessary to pay attention to the island of Tinos and Mykonos because of the usual winds there are stronger as well as the waves. These northeasterly winds, known as the Greous, "descend" from the narrow passage of the Dardanelles. The port of Mykonos is less sheltered than that of Tinos, so you have to pay attention.

The multicultural island of Andros has much more to offer than its beautiful beaches. The Hora d'Andros is a destination not to be missed. Its port in front of the bay is much safe and its charm is typical of the Cyclades.

For your information, many shipping companies for boat rentals greece connect the different islands between them. If you have the time, travel from island to island by boat, a very economical solution.

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