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Looking to make a splash in southern France ?

After a visit to Marineland Antibes Marine Park, why not be tempted by the discovery of the aquasplash france through the amusement park of Antibes, located right in front and where you can have fun, while waiting the nocturnal shows of Marineland.

The big wheel of Antibes Land Azur Park

It is 60m high that we can admire the whole amusement park, the Marineland, and the sea ... A small quiet walk from 10 minutes to 4 € instead, provided you do not get dizzy of course! The view is beautiful and you can take beautiful pictures!

The Canadian Riviera Park

The centrifuge, that's what I called it ... You have a large metal tray on which there is a smaller one, on which you have compartments of 10 places (5 on one side and 5 on the other). 'Another, face to face), I take my courage in both hands and I go to the side of my darling, it starts, it turns, faster and faster, but not enough to whip a cat, after a minute we stop and it starts again, but in the other direction and much faster! And here I can assure you that I felt my heart beating but not normally !! For the first time, I almost got sick !!, I could not see anything so we were shooting fast, and harder is the stop, because we have to go out and without falling! Adrenaline, the most formidable attraction of Antibes Land

But the most formidable attraction of the Antibes Land Park is called Adrenaline. What is the principle? Make a bungee jump, from 1 to 3 people but starting ... The shape of the attraction resembles the letter A, you are tied down, in a bag, the arms and foot protrude, your feet are attached and you get up to more than 60m high by a cable before you let go in the void!

To conclude, the surroundings of Marineland are filled with attractions outside the maritime park. Discover the Aqua Splash, a large slide that throws you into a large pool.

React !

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