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Getting the most out of your trip to Sicily

With a strong character and cultural cross-fertilization combining Romanesque art, Byzantine influences and Eastern colors, the major island in the Mediterranean wait for you for your next vacation. Discover it easily by going on an all-inclusive trip to Sicily, the time for a faithful and stimulating stay. The holidays in Sicily with Samboat offers you this simple occasion to enjoy, without ever thinking of anything. Everything is there, right under your eyes, a nice calm room, a pool, buffets of local cuisine, and some cocktails at the bar. You can simply relax while thinking of nothing, but it would be a shame not to add one or two excursions to your all-inclusive trip to Sicily.

Lido Mazzaro (Taormina)

The nearest beach of Taormina, the Lido Mazzarò is reachable from via Luigi Pirandello. Swimmers can rent sunshades and deck chairs on site. In the south, after the Hotel Sant'Andrea, you can easily walk to the tiny Isola Bella overlooking a beautiful cove.

San Vito Lo Capo

At the tip of Capo San Vito, the shore resort of San Vito Lo Capo is full of beach and sun lovers in summer, but it is abandoned in winter. San Vito is celebrated for its crescent-shaped sandy beach, where crystal-clear turquoise and ultramarine waters line the spectacular Monte Monaco.

Cefalù (Tyrrhenian coast)

The crescent-shaped Cefalù beach is one of the most beautiful in the whole coast. In summer, it is saturated; arrive early to find a nice place. Some areas necessitate a ticket, but the closest part of the old town is public and you can rent a sunbed and umbrella.

Syracuse and Ortigia Island

On the east coast of Sicily are the city of Syracuse and the delightful island of Ortigia which is the historic center. It's simple in Ortigie everything is pretty: monuments, squares, fountains, palaces and churches. And in addition there is very good ice cream. As you can see, at Travel Tips, we loved our stay on this island! Better to avoid a boat rental sicily by coming in August, period when attendance becomes unpleasant.

The marshes of Marsala

Just out of Marsala, take the salt road that will take you to determine the salt marshes. The road continues to Trapani. These swamps and their mills are the subject of multiple postcards and we understand why when we see them brighten with pink reflections at sunset. Without a doubt the best time of the day to admire them.

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