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Buy a luxury yacht well

The period luxury yacht is not strictly defined. It is a particular vessel of a size of 50 yards or more, with a rather high level of comfort and equipment, managed by a professional team. Also called "super yacht", "mega-yacht" or perhaps "giga-yacht", a luxury yacht could be a motor yacht or a sailing can also a yacht charter
Do you have any money? You wonder if you are able to get a luxury yacht. They are the luxury transport of millionaires and favorite billionaires for holidays around the coast. It costs a lot of money. A luxury yacht is one of the most expensive purchases. And it is not only the purchase of the yacht, moreover, it is the annual cost of this operation which is enormous and must be taken into consideration at the time of purchase! The posted price of a ship never corresponds to that of a ship ready to go to sea. At the advertised cost, the sailor must bring the price of the safety equipment but also the towing price of the boat for transport in the port.
It is expected that the operator should expect to pay about 10 percent of the initial cost of a yacht each year for the expenses. Operating costs include gas, airport insurance, mooring fees, possible maintenance and repairs, crew salaries, mooring costs vary from port to port, but parking in the most exclusive ports can be very expensive. 

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