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Adventuring around the catalonian coast

The Catalonian continues to be, by dint of merit, one of the leading destinations of the Mediterranean coast. The attraction of this country lies mainly in innumerable cities full of charm, rich in archaeological and architectural riches, as well as wild beaches with crystal clear waters, and that in some lines.

A jewel of the Mediterranean

Despite the news related to the so-called cheap tourism that sometimes tarnishes its image in the media, the truth is that it is a place that is ranked among the most privileged of our geography. The city of Dalí remains one of the most emblematic enclaves of the Costa Brava.

Calella de Palafrugell

This fishing village is one of those that could be called "postcard". Its small but charming beach attracts thousands of visitors each summer, although Calella de Palafrugell keeps its charm intact throughout the year.

Tossa de Mar

Tossa de Mar is a little further from the previous city. Far from offering tourists a beautiful beach, it also has important medieval remains, those of Villa Vella.


Cala de S'Alguer is a small corner, often ignored by tourists, which exudes a special charm. It is a small fishing port that captivates anyone who decides to venture and decides to rent a boat barcelona in this place.


This medieval town is a delight for the stroller. As in Cadaqués, the best thing about Pals is getting lost in its streets and stopping at one of its bars and terraces.

Lloret de Mar

Despite the concerns that can be caused by more than one person in this city, due to a certain reputation as a tourist destination associated with alcohol consumption and chaos.


Those of Begur are among the most beautiful coves and, therefore, the busiest on the Costa Brava. The clarity and color of its waters attract a large number of holidaymakers, even if one just loves to make holes in the beach.


This fishing village is perhaps a slightly more differentiated option from the above destinations, as it is a slightly less populated city during the summer months.

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